Effects of Sloped Armour in Ballistic Impact Resistance - A Review Paper

Elias Randjbaran , Rizal Zahari, Dayang Laila Majid


This review paper presents the findings of the researchers about the effects of sloped armour in ballistic impact resistance. The principle preferred standpoint to calculating the defensive layer of a composite plate is that it builds the Line-of-Sight (LOS) thickness of the plate, this implies a composite plate with 90mm protective layer in a vertical plate could supplant that plate with a 45mm thick plate calculated at 60 degrees and have a similar identical LOS shield on the off chance that it is battling on level ground with another composite plate(inside reason, in a few circumstances the slanted covering is really unfavourable). Another preferred standpoint of having inclined reinforcement is that it has a much higher possibility of redirecting shots than a vertical plate of comparable thickness.

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