A case Study on DSP-210D mono crystalline Solar array

Mohammad Yasir, Md. Shakibul haque, Mohd. Faraz Khan


This paper describes the optimized & un-optimized output for DSP210D mono-crystalline array by using PSO, P&O and GA technique with the help of practical hardware & simulation approach of MATLAB-07, aiming the development of various modern power semiconductor devices for SPV system. Under this aim we cover the Computation of output/solar power for different months of year 2015, failure rate and Reliability analysis of this SPV system for different no of panels also this is compared with different types of solar panels for different no of panels. The initiative step is done by using the data sheet of manufacturer for the comparative study under elementary platform especially for DSP 210D and ZKX-240-24 solar models (Mono Crystalline), BP SX 150 and SPP 280-24 solar models (Poly Crystalline) & other many more PV arrays.

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