Design a Reconfigurable Patch Antenna for Mobile Application

Prashant Chandra Bhardwaj,Ashok Kumar Kajla,Rahul Raj Choudhary


In this paper, a modified rectangular reconfigurable patch antenna with inset feed is analyzed and simulated for the Modern mobile communication Applications. The proposed antenna is simulated by applying CST Microwave Studio software and fed through strip line feeding. The overall size of the antenna is 48 mm × 38 mm × 1. 59 mm. The antenna has operated on two different resonant frequency bandwidth of 2.37 GHz and 2.45GHz for lower band of Wi-Max and Bluetooth band respectively. The simulated gain of the antenna in the obtained frequency range is close to 2.82 dBi and 3.11 dBi for OFF and ON respectively. Maximum radiations are directed normal to patch geometry and shape of patterns is somewhat similar to a dumble shape in the upper hemisphere. This Reconfigurable Patch antenna is specifically designed for the application of Mobile communication systems.

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