Effects of Carbon Nanotube on Mechanical Properties of Composite plates - A Review Paper

Elias Randjbaran,Rizal Zahari,Dayang Laila Majid,Mohamed Thariq Hameed Sul-tan,Norkhairunnisa Mazlan


This review paper presents the findings of the researchers about the mechanical properties of composite materials by more detailed discussion of theoretical and mechanichal properties for the entire range of the deformation amplitudes. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), due to their superlative mechanical and physical proper-ties, have shown a high potential to improve properties of composite materials. Adding CNTs into conven-tional composite materials at very low weight fractions can improve mechanical properties of the resulting nanocomposites. Among these properties are an extremely high tensile strength and stiffness. Scientists have estimated these values using force fields to model the atomic interactions and by using tools such as the atomic force microscope to actually measure the elasticity and tensile strength. Estimates of the stiffness of single walled carbon nanotubes generally fall in the range of 0.9 – 1.5 TPa with a tensile strength of ap-proximately 100-150 GPa.

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