Performance of QoS Aware Routing Protocol in WSAN

Himali Chopra, Ritesh Rastogi


WSANs mean class of actors and sensors connecting by a wireless means of communication to execute the distributed actuation and sensing tasks. WSAN has made a boom in the technology of communication. With the help of sensors and actors the communication has been more fast and reliable. Moreover it can provide us the more accurate results in the case of any emergency appearing in communication. QoS plays a vital role to ensure that the requirements for the class of applications are met. We are presenting a QARP which is a QoS aware routing protocol with service differentiation for WASN and is used to support the communication among the sensor nodes, actor nodes and the sink. Here QARP is providing delivery assurance with low latency in the presence of failure. We are using a queuing model which assists lesser transfer rate for lower concern packet delivery if jam condition occurs. So QARP can be a potential solution for monitoring with subject to emergency situations. In WSN there are many challenges like power backup, mobility, route failure etc. Such problems are been taken care of by QARP.

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