Scanning Electron Microscopy Interpretation In Carbon Nanotubes Composite Materials After Postbuckling - Review Paper

Elias Randjbaran, Rizal Zahari,Ramin Vaghei


Current review paper summarizes the review on scanning probe microscopy investigations of the properties and manipulation of carbon nanotubes, and moreover, the fabrication and utilization of nanotubes as novel tips for probe microscopy experiments. For small aspect ratio nanotubes, the boundary constraints begin to play a major role in the post-buckling behavior and collapse need not be as catastrophic as in the longer structure. It is shown that the post-buckling deflection causes driving force mainly in the in-plane and out-ofplane shear modes and the bending mode about the wall length direction. Depending on the nature and magnitude of the interfacial toughness, the nano-wall may undergo no cracking, snap-back fracture and snapthrough fracture.

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