Optimal Task Assignment In Distributed Systems Through Greedy Algorithm

Kapil Govil.


A distributed processing environment consists of one or more applications spread over several computers. These computers may be geographically separated from one another. The applications may be executed on different platforms using different operating systems and telecommunication protocols. In short, a distributed operating environment offers a variety of information system solutions regardless of the location of the user, his operating system or the equipment using by him. Performance enhancement of the distributed networks is a major and challenging problem for the researchers. In this paper, we have to allocate m tasks to n processors (m>n) in the environment of distributed processing. These m tasks are to be assigned on the n processors of system through Greedy algorithm of task scheduling. The starting time and finishing time of the processing of a task is considered and denoted by Si and Fi where i= 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…… m. In order to evaluate the optimal time, we have obtained the set of assigned and on assigned tasks. On the basis of these sets allocation has been made. The method is presented into algorithmic form and several sets of input data have been implemented to test the effectiveness of the algorithm.

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