Performance Evolution Analysis Of Dct Precoded Ofdm With Piecewise Linear Companding For Wimax

Ajay Thammana, Nalini.P


Orthogonal FDM (OFDM) is a thrilling method for typical applications those require huge degree of data rates. Because of the excessive PAPR, the complexity of HPA and in addition DAC moreover will growth. For the reduction of PAPR in OFDM several strategies are to be had. Among them Companding is an appealing low multifaceted way for the OFDM alerts PAPR diminishment. As of overdue, a Piecewise linear companding approach is prescribed going for limiting companding contortion. In this paper, an aggregate Piecewise linear companding (PLC) method and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) approach is relied upon to reduce PAPR of OFDM to a top notch extent. Simulation outcomes suggests approximately show off this new proposed method acquires noteworthy PAPR lower even as keeping up improved overall performance in the Bit Error Rate (BER) in comparison to piecewise linear companding approach without PSD overall performance degradation.

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