A Comparative Study of Various Security and Issues in Steganography Techniques

Sukrati Jain,Ashendra Kumar saxena


In today’s era, Most of the persons anxious about the security of confidential information because confidentiality is an energetic part. Sensitive information should be confidential because data can be accessed by intruders. Secrecy of message has always been a challenging task. For securing our communication, we use several types of steganography techniques. Steganography is the most popular technique to hide the data from intruders and none other than observer can recognizes the existence of content. The existence of content cannot be presumed out by the smart reader. Steganography is the technique by which we can share sensitive information surreptitiously and securely. For researchers, it has ever been an attracted subject to improve protect procedures to share message with authorized person only. In this review paper, we have premeditated several approaches proposed by research scholars in the field of steganography and analyse various steganography techniques, security issues and compare these techniques with their features and limitations. The major contribution of our paper is to represent comparative study of some existing steganography techniques.

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