Design and Implementation of User Identification Based Personalization

Nidhi Saxena,Vinodini Katiyar,Mohd. Husain


The use of Search Engine is now a days common among each and every society. On the other side the websites are available in bulk and a single search can give various different results. There still exist problem of fetching results based on user interest in order to save time and complexity while searching. The personalized search based on user unique identification can solve the current problem to large extent. In this paper we have taken a novel personalization approach. We identify user and makes search according to user interest based on previous searches made by him. We present a personalized web search framework UIBP (USER IDENTIFICATION BASED PERSONALIZATION) used for our work and designed an algorithm. The experiment on web search shows that our search agent will prove more user friendly as it will make the searching fast and easy. Therefore the developed search engine is an enhancement in the field of web mining.

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