Efficient Query Integrity Management in Cloud backing with Grid Computing: An appraisal

Ms. Ashvini A. Todkar, Mr S. G. Sutar


In cloud environment, queries are processed by the computational servers over the externally stored databases. There might be possibility of problem of data integrity. To resolve this problem different protection techniques are used (like salts, buckets, markers etc). But these protection techniques are designed for single computational server. Existing system is designed only for simple join query. It could not be applicable for parallel joins or chain of joins. To reduce the overhead of single computational server, system presented here gives distributed environment at computational server using Grid computing. It increases the performance of system.In this system, client request is divided into subtasks at the computational server who acts as manager. Then subtasks are forwarded to number of workers among the grid environment. The worker independently executes their tasks & result is given back to manager. The system presented here, provides enhanced security to data, as data is in encrypted form at computational server.

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