Effects Of Stacking Sequence On Compression Response Testing Of Carbon Fibre And Hybrids: Fibrous-Glass/Carbon/Kevlar/ Epoxy Composite Plates

Elias Randjbaran*, Rizal Zahari, Dayang Laila Majid, Nawal Aswan Abdul Jalil, Ramin Vaghei


This paper is concerned with evaluation of failure mechanisms under compression loading in unidirectional composites and the in-plane dimensional of fibre-reinforced laminated composites under compression loads. (0/0/0/0/0/0)s oriented cross-ply Fibrous-Glass/Carbon/Kevlar/ Epoxy laminates studied were fabricated and all of the material parameters of laminated composite materials were measured experimentally. On the contrary, the compressive strength and failure mechanisms were investigated for hybrid composites. Static uni-axial compressive tests were performed on unnotched specimens made from double-layer of carbon, glass, and Kevlar fibres and epoxy resin combined to give six different stacking hybrid composite materials.

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