Production Of Neem Oil Ethyl Ester (NOEE) Or Neem Oil Biodiesel By Two Step Esterification Of Filtered Neem Oil.

Pradeep Kr Vishnoi, Rahul Bharti , P.C.Tewari, V.K. Gupta.


Due to the rapid decline of crude oil reserves, the use of vegetable oils as diesel engine fuel in many countries. The best way to use vegetable oil as a fuel is convert it into biodiesel. Biodiesel is basically a methyl or ethyl ester which is produced by transesterification process. Transesterification is the reaction of fat or oil with an alcohol to form ester and glycerol. In present investigation neem oil ethyl ester (NOEE) is prepared by two step i.e. esterification followed by transesterification because neem oil contains high free fatty acid. Further the physical, chemical and thermal properties of NOEE are checked and it is found that the properties of NOEE are very much comparable with the diesel. So NOEE can be the excellent substitute of diesel.

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